what people are saying

about individual sessions

The magic of Esther's work is in her ability to deeply connect with clients with very different approaches that reveal deep rooted issues, and managing this unveiling process with the compassion of friend but the objectivity of a professional. 

As a 'therapy regular' for most of my life, Esther used some very unconventional methods to help me identify the reasons why I couldn't let go of people, places and events of my past - and once I could identify these reasons, I was able to do the work I needed to do to process and move on. Her approach wasn't drawn out over time - my 1.5 months with her were literally action packed and powerful. 

-- CB, Dubai UAE

I’m delighted to write in praise of Esther Watt’s Art and Mind therapy and healing sessions. I went to get help with intense and growing anger towards my parents; I knew that somehow their influence was affecting my current relationships in a negative fashion. During my sessions with Esther, practical guidance and spiritual tools were passed on to me. The result is increased self esteem and acceptance of myself, which has lead to improved emotional balance and happiness.

I would encourage anyone to go with an open mind and reap the benefits of Esther’s loving guidance.

--WJ, Dubai UAE

Dear Esther,

What would I do without you in my life!

Your work is so valued with us and I can see every day how we grow as a couple and how much you have helped to make things easier!

Words can never explain how much I appreciate your advice, knowledge and patience - and your amazing smile!

Thank you so much!

—K.T. Dubai, UAE

I had been trying to find some kind of counseling here in Al Ain, but this town is not well serviced in this area. I finally heard about Esther through a friend and colleague at work. 

I was hopeful that this would be the person I'd been looking for to talk to and work out all the emotions of having just recently been divorced after 22 years of marriage and with a twelve year old son.

Well, as soon as I met Esther, my fears were laid to rest. Esther was calm, soothing and easy to talk to. She listens carefully and helps by providing insights and experience from her professional background. Having her in my life has been incredible for my journey and exactly  what I need.

I have benefited so much from our conversations and time together. I can't thank Esther enough. I really appreciate her positive and healing presence in my life! We've gone through different approaches such as picture cards which I found very interesting and thought provoking, tapping for when things feel too overwhelming, and breathing techniques. She introduced me to a fantastic app for meditation which I have finally dedicated to. I also experienced a Vision Board Workshop that Esther organized, that was something I'd never done before and for which I'm so thankful I attended.

Something Esther said that has helped me enormously and which I remind myself of frequently is, "Remember that it's not actually what's happening that's causing stress - it's our thoughts about what's happening, and in fact our reaction to our own thoughts."

As I was so pleased with my sessions, I asked if my son could see her too and work with her in Art Therapy. That too has been fantastic. My son feels very comfortable with Esther and is able to talk about his thoughts and feelings about the divorce.

I feel strong now, and even though I know things will be tough, the clarity I gain through my time with Esther and my own Mindfulness practice has helped me so much to deal with things along the way.

I want to thank Esther for all the support she has given me.

--M.M. Al Ain, UAE


I was fortunate to receive counseling through art therapy by Esther, for my situation of grief and anxiety. I found this treatment highly beneficial, both inspirational and calming: one which gave me a long term solution with a lasting point of reference.

--M.J. Armidale, Australia

It's difficult to put into professional terms such a personal journey that you take with a therapist like Esther, however I will try my best to do so.

Esther thinks outside the box - I don't think I ever got a text book answer; she helped me look at things from an entirely different angle and I found freedom in myself that I hadn't experienced in a long, long time ( if ever, truth be told). As you’re digging deep, trust that she is there beside you coming up with workable solutions to sometimes seemingly overwhelming problems . You feel she is there step by step and has an intuition which I found mind blowing. 

Esther is insightful, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and a fun and giving lady. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my family, my friends or anyone else who needs strength and wisdom on their side. Esther helped me find myself - it was a remarkable journey and I feel beyond blessed to have had the privilege of working with her. 

You truly are a spectacular lady Esther; words can't express the gratitude but I hope they've given an insight into how lucky I feel to have met you and for the journey we took ! 

-- S.M. Ireland

­­­­­­­­­­­­­I started working with Esther during a very difficult period of my life. I was heavily depressed due to the deep scars from my past, and my marriage was on the brink of failure. During the two years we worked together, she helped me heal myself and find a place for myself in the world. I have to admit that starting to work with her was the best decision of my life; it not only saved my marriage but also my life.

We worked a lot on self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem which was the root of my problems and she helped me emerge as a strong, peaceful, passionate woman out of this dark period. I would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone. She is very compassionate, kind and non-judgemental. She provides a space of full acceptance. Her insights are always right on the spot. Her way of combining art therapy into the counseling sessions makes the process more enjoyable, and self expression is made easier.

-- S. P. Instanbul, Turkey

what people are saying

about workshops

My biggest fear is of having to be creative on demand, but Esther’s way of facilitating the workshop made this easy and fun.

- B. D. Brisbane, Australia


Through the activities in this session, especially when coloring what I had drawn while my eyes were closed, I found some energy of inner peace.

- L.C.    Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


I was lucky to meet Esther and organize the art therapy workshop in our university. It was an unusual but fabulous experience. All participants got to know their inner worlds and were able to let go of past distress. It was an amazing time which left a permanent mark in our hearts.

- A.K., Bishkek, Kyrgystan


The art processes in this workshop took me deeper than thirty sessions of talk therapy!

- S. I., Brisbane, Australia


I want to express my appreciation for all of the years of work that go into providing such a workshop. It is a real gift and you have such skill in offering this gift to the world, where there is so much healing needed. I have gained so much personally from this one day, and I am very grateful for this.

- J.S., Armidale, Australia


Very powerful! Everyone should do this!

- L.H. Armidale, Australia


Esther was a very effective communicator, and highly considerate of the wellbeing of all those who attended the workshop. She was also an excellent facilitator of the transpersonal art therapy processes, which were themselves fun and interesting. They opened all the participants to self-exploration in novel ways. I would love to try some other processes Esther offers, and thus take the self-exploration to even greater depths. 

-N.J. Armidale, Australia


I have enjoyed the sessions and found them most relaxing.

-B.R., Northern Rivers, Australia


I have attended many personal development workshops and I would have to say this was the best by far! The art therapy activities made me look at myself in a totally new way, and I gained valuable insights into patterns of behavior that I inherited from family; I can now choose what to keep and what to let go of. The fire ceremony was incredibly powerful, and I emerged from it with a feeling of freedom that I can honestly say I have never experienced before. Thank you!

-R. T., Dubai, UAE


I appreciated your kindness and I enjoyed learning artistic skills in a relaxed and friendly environment. I look forward to attending again next year.

-M.C., Northern Rivers, Australia