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Art and Mind


Welcome! I extend a warm invitation to you to transform your life through my signature process of Centering, Connecting and Creating, in a series of Art Therapy or Counselling sessions tailored to your own needs and circumstances.

Centering options include meditation, mindfulness practice, guided visualisation and breathwork. These practices enable you to develop skills of emotional regulation, heart-brain coherence, and grounded awareness so that you respond to life from a steady and peaceful place within yourself.

Connecting is about being present in relationships – and your most important relationship is with yourself. You will learn to connect to yourself with kindness, understanding and compassion. Whether your ongoing needs are for deepening this connection with yourself, or for couples counselling, or for enhancing relationships with family, friends or colleagues, you will find that your ability to be true to yourself while maintaining an honest closeness with others makes you a lot more confident and comfortable in the world.

Creating really means coming up with new ways of doing things. But because you’re working with me, I’ll be inviting you to share my excitement about the creative arts, as I love the way energy shifts and moves through us when we’re engaged in creative expression. Painting and writing are my personal favourites, but if you want to dance, cook, grow flowers or make music, I will be there at your side. And if you prefer to just engage in good, deep, honest conversation, then that’s what we’ll do.


"The magic of Esther's work is in her ability to deeply connect with clients with very different approaches that reveal deep rooted issues, and managing this unveiling process with the compassion of friend but the objectivity of a professional." C.B. Dubai

"Thank you so much Esther. You have enriched our lives and I hope that you can continue this work, because I've found it really helpful to look at my thoughts and feelings this way. And, it gave me the push to begin something I've wanted to do for some time now!"

" I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the things I've learned during the past two courses...we were like an artistic family and will always be. Hopefully I'll be able to attend another one of these glorious courses in the near future.""

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